It's (almost) all....About Me

Hi, my name is Lizzie, I'm the founder and designer of Popasox.

Popasox is a new business with the aim to produce super soft, high quality, fun socks with the added bonus that they stay paired together. Why? Because there's better things to do than hunt odd socks!

My career didn't begin in fashion or design, so what makes me qualified to set up a sock brand? My career was predominantly in finance. I trained as a chartered accountant and worked in the corporate world before deciding that life is too short to do something you don't love. I left the UK and spent the next 7 years living and working across the globe including a dive school in Thailand, a ski resort in Austria, a nightclub in Zante and a Bierkeller in Munich. Maybe not a formal qualification but I know for sure there are better things to be doing than pairing socks!

One day, late 2017 my boyfriend Nick and I visited my sister's house in Bristol. My mum was visiting (her and my dad live in Ibiza and also know how to enjoy life) and while my sister moaned pairing socks we noticed Nick wearing odd socks. We discussed how in a world full of technology, where you can order a 3 course restaurant meal to your door, find your life partner with one swipe right and find the answer to any question with the help from Google. Why in this world do we still accept that socks go estimated 15 socks per person a year....over 1,000 in a lifetime!

How could it be that no one had come up with the solution to odd socks? 

We are all for making life easier, focusing on bettering ourselves.....we deserve to get the time back that we waste pairing socks. I decided that day I would find a solution.

I researched and found that you can buy clips that hold socks paired while in the washing machine. I thought I'd give them a try, but it was a fail. The problem with these is you still need to waste time pairing the socks before they go into the now we're sorting through dirty washing rather than clean?! I found that 2 socks of a pair may not make it to the wash bin together let alone the washing machine. One may still be rolled up in the leg of skinny jeans, stuffed in a welly following a dog walk or dropped on the stairs. I needed to have the clips to hand every time I removed my socks, which let's face it was never going to happen. The answer had to be that the socks could be paired the instant they are stripped from your feet, right there right then.

So....socks that can be secured together the instant they are removed.....and need to stay paired while thrown in the direction of the laundry bin, while carried down the stairs, while in the washing machine, on the line and in the sock drawer. The problem had been identified and I'd figured out what the socks needed to do, now all I had to do was figure out how they would work. 


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